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Finish the duty of the ironing, now that's it your future!

14 Mars 2013 , Rédigé par euroloth.over-blog.com Publié dans #inventions


You do not like ironing? It falls well we either. It is thus why my team and myself had worked out a machine of the size of a machine to plasticize thus very practical. This invention is simple, as a machine to plasticize you cross your garment in the machine and thanks to a system of steam, it irons your linen before to rerelease it to you without a single fold. After that, there are two small arms provided with two hands which go out of the machine to fold your garment. Now instead of spending hours with your ironing board, you could go to make of the seen sport that the machine makes its work quietly for the house without risks. Furthermore, it reloads on a simple, seen sector that it is provided with a battery.  To finish the price. Because yes it is aesthetic it's good. It is practical it is good but if it is expensive you will not want it and I understand you but to worry not about it. 30 £ will be enough for you to be able to acquire this machine.


  Marchand Océane

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