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Marion Cotillard and Greenpeace. Le Hen Mayalène

18 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par euroloth.over-blog.com Publié dans #Stars

Marion Cotillard and Greenpeace


Marion Cotillard


            Marion Cotillard was born September 30th, 1975 in Paris. She is a French actress. Her most famous movie is La Môme from Olivier Dahan which recounts the Edith Piaf's life. She had a Césars, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for her interpretation in this movie. Her last movies are De rouille et d'os from Jacques Audiard and The Dark Night Rises from Christopher Nolan.

              Her grand-parents are native of Plémet (Bretagne, France).

           She is in couple with Guillaume Canet. Their first child, Marcel, was born in 2011.

            Marion Cotillard is also a spokesperson for Greenpeace.


Marion Cotillard in the Congo 



     Marion Cotillard took part in many actions of Greenpeace. In June 2010, she traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to report about the dangers which threaten tropical rainforests in Central Africa. This forest is « the world's second lung » said Marion. So she saw in her mission how the industrialists destroy the forests in particular by building roads. She met congoleses and heard their account about the deforestation, « a looting » said some of them. With her journey, she made a short documentary serie where she shows what she lived in Oshwe, the province where she lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her videos shows the industrial logging companys actions, legal and illegal, and the inhabitants incapacity to react.  

            I find Marion Cotillard admirable because she defends her convictions. She breaks her image of a carefree girl and dares take a stand like with Greenpeace. She takes advantage for her success to transmit messages, impart the world’s dark side, in particular with her videos. She excels in everything that she does, in her career and in her missions.

            She is brave, she is an activist. 



Links for Marion Cotillard's videos:                          

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A.Urnauer 11/02/2013 23:45

Peu d'ajouts par rapport au texte de départ, mais au moins les fautes ont été corrigées. C'est bien d'avoir insérer des liens actifs. +1