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You dreamed? We did it!

13 Mars 2013 , Rédigé par euroloth.over-blog.com Publié dans #inventions

Who has never wanted to relive his dream ?

Who has never experienced this feeling of incompleteness when the alarm goes off and you drag out this perfect daydream ?



                    Everything is now complete finished thanks to dreamcatcher. It will be very useful for frustrated in the morning. You will ensure successful evenings with friends or family!

                        You will be able to review anywhere and anytime this time where you have robbed your favorite store without spending money, ladies! When you gentlemen, you will be able to compare your performance speed on the highway with your friends in your super Ferrari without fear of violation or a night at the police station...



How does this strange machine you say?



Well, it's very easy!


                       Through a system of small electrodes placed on your head while you sleep, images of your brain activity are transferred to a screen that captures the vibration of your nervous system. These vibrations are interpreted by a high-tech system that translated image. These images are transferred onto a screen connected to a recording system.

                            When you wake up, you feel no pain, and you have no memory of what is past.



                          This innovative, high performance is currently not available for sale.


                        For a capture session dream, it will cost eighteen thousand dollars. However, there is no guarantee that you are satisfied with the results, some retransmission is not an exact copy of what you saw in your dream. Our system is not yet developed to its maximum.


                        This system is used in mentalist and has already helped solve criminal investigations with people who had visions, prophetic dreams or flashbacks.


"We have chosen to offer this system to the original purpose for those wo want to share their dreams with their friend around a fire eating popcorn toast. Some dreams are sometimes real horror films or otherwise, tender love stories..."


                    Some side effects are to be feared in sensitive individuals. This experience can affect memory : Do not remember his dream can be frustrating before the replay.


                     Sensitive subjects may feel very tired and vulnerable after this experience but overall, the returns are exellent.


               Our team does not guarantee that the eperience works. Sometimes, poeple conducting  the experiment do not dream or can not find sleep. We are not responsible for and then we will not refund the subjects.







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