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The reminder ring

18 Mars 2013 , Rédigé par euroloth.over-blog.com Publié dans #inventions

 Are you tired of being part of these men who always forget important family events ? Meeting date, first kiss, wedding date, honeymoon, the children's birthdays, the wife's birthday..

Men tend to always forget everything.. It is well known! If you read this article surely you feel concerned about all this. Or maybe you are a desperate woman who is annoyed at the idea that your man always forgets your birthday and your wedding date and you are about to find the solution to all these problems !

With the ring reminder, he will have any excuse to forget your birthday!

A magnificent ring is equipped with a thermodynamics micropile , the warmth of your body is transformed into energy. The ring was made of nanotubes of carbon, because carbon is an ideal material for energy conversion. The ring heats up when the dates approach. 7 days before the D-Day, the ring will heats until reaching 45°F, during 30 second, and repeats the operation every hours, and everyday. However there is no risks of burns, don't worry! Isn't it the safest way to never forget all theses important events and to please your loved ones ?

Unlike the mobile phone no risks of not hearing the ringtone or of not feeling the vibrator ! There is no need to bring your mobile phone with you for fear of forgetting an event.

As a result, you can save a portion of your phone battery.

Specify us all important dates during the order and we will program the ring for you.

Moreover the ring is less bulky and less cheesy too than a electronic agenda. It is also more discreet.

In addition to this the ring begins to heat several days in advance : time to buy a great gift for your wife ! This ring is also for forgetful women. Different sizes and different colors are available.

Ideal for all forgetful peoples.


Déborah Rivallain.

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euroloth.over-blog.com 21/03/2013 10:57

Il faut vraiment que tu revois la mise en page: c'est à peine lisible!!