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The war of a woman : Josephine Baker, a dancer decorated with the war cross and the Legion oh honor

15 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par euroloth.over-blog.com Publié dans #Stars


Biography :


born : June 3, 1906 in Missouri (United-State) 

death : April 12, 1975 in Paris (France), aged 68. She died on her sleep, she slipped into a coma and she had a cerebral hemorrhage.

birth name : Freda Joséphine Mc Donald

1937 : she acquiered the french nationality

jobs : dancer, singer and actress

years of activities : from 1921 to 1975 (from 15 to 68 years old)




Lastet news !



→ In 1927 she is the woman

      the highest paid in Europe !


→ She descended the Champs-Elysées with her cheetah !


→ April 8, 1975 : medley for this 50 years of carrier !







Humanitarian :


- resistance during WWII

- 50' : adopted 12 childrens : her « ecause tribe rainbown »

- 1963 : marche on of Wahingthon for the civils rights of blacks in the USA.




Achievements :


10 movies

the highest famous :

 Princess Tam Tam of Edmond T.Gréville in 1935

6 songs

the highest famous :

I have two loves, speech of Géo Koger and Henri Varna, music of Vincent Scotto




      The war of a woman


In the song "I have two loves" the spirited Josephine Baker talks about her patriotism for France and the United States.

But our Josephine is not limited to singing her love for her two homelands: she engaged in the resistance during the Second World War and struggled to help the Allies.

She maintained the morale of the Maginot Line and gave regular dancing for U.S. troops, British and French, restoring the smile in time of war. She gleaned some information about the localisation of German troops during evenings where she met and charmed officers. After the beginning of the Occupation, Joséphine dispatched into world of messages for the Allies.

The Nazis, aware of her popularity and probably under the influence of her charm, never dared to suspect.

In recognition of her artistic contribution to the war effort, Josephine was named woman Lieutenant in the Air Force and  the General de Gaulle gave her a small gold cross of Lorraine. After the end of the hostilities, upon her return to Paris, she was awarded the Legion of Honor and the Medal of the Resistance.

I find Josephine Baker admirable because she had the courage to risk her life to help her country. She was able to show that she was not confined to a beautiful dancer full of life, but she knew how to use her assets to protect and raise the morale of her own. She was a clever and intelligent person, knowing seduce her enemy without being unmasked.

Her act of resistance is unique and courageous. While some resist pointing guns on their enemy, Josephine Baker gave her talent to withhold information vital to her homeland. Knowing that she could be convicted if the Germans understood her game, she continued to convey what she learned about the advance of the enemy. She was able to boost the troops morale by sharing her joy. She was a generous and courageous woman. JBaker

Joséphine Baker with the war cross and the Legion of honor.


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A.Urnauer 11/02/2013 23:52

peu d'ajouts par rapport au texte d'origine, même si quelques fautes ont été corrigées. C'est bien d'avoir pensé à mettre les deux "posts" effectivement sous la forme de commentaires. +05

Nobody 22/01/2013 16:02

I don't agree whit this article. josephine Baker is not a wonderful woman as you say, because if she helped to save a country, it had a deep distaste for the broken faces, so much so that they
manifested in her room in Paris. A admirable person must show understanding, her resistance during the Second War not change anything !!

F. La Fontaine 22/01/2013 15:59

I totally agree whis this artcile ! :-) I Think Josephine Baker is an example to follow. She showed courage and intelligence to save a country and thousands of people, demonstraing her generosite
anh her real action in history.